Top Revshare Sites

Top Revshare Sites for 2020

Top Revshare Sites for 2020

1) Ptcshare and Paidverts
Ptcshare is a PTC launched in the first weeks of June 2019 and is a simplified version of Paidverts, a ptc / revshare online and paying since 2014. Formally Ptcshare is a PTC, so you’ll have to click paid links to earn, but technically has a operation very similar to a RevShare (you get 118% on your purchase). The project is highly sponsored online as it can benefit from the popularity of its sister site, Paidverts.


Minimum Withdraw : $1Options : Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Bitcoin, LitecoinPayment receive : Some Days

2) ADFeedz – Scam

AdFeedz is a new generation advertising platform launched on the market with unique characteristics, both in terms of design and internal features. AdFeedz has many features similar to a traffic exchange, but also to a revshare.

When you sign up at AdFeedz you’ll get $ 2.50 of welcome bonus and 1000 advertising credits.

Minimum Withdraw : $10Options: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer and SolidTrustPayPayment receive : Some Days

3) Litecoinads
Litecoinads offers many tools to be able to earn, among which the most popular are: Ptc, Paid to View and Profit Sharing. You can earn 125% by buying a profit pack. The packs have a minimum cost of 0.001 LTC and normally return 3% daily. Each pack has 100 credits for advertising. To get the dividends you will need to visit 10 sites in the surf area.
Minimum Withdraw : LTC 0.01Options : Litecoin Wallet, Payeer, PerfectMoney, CoinPayments & JSEcoinPayment receive : Some Days

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